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Picture Frame - Vinyled

This project was a fun project to complete as I haven't worked much with flowers and picture frames and I knew who was the intended recipient of the gift. I did make the "giver" sit at my computer and pick out the flowers, the sizes and the colors as she had a "vision" and I didn't want to change that. I also had her put the flowers on the frame.

We started with a nice frame from Target.

I then added the saying on the top that said "Friends are flowers in the garden of life." and the bottom of the frame I added the names "Grace and Olivia". The two girls are best friends and have been in daycare together since infants and now are in preschool together! Now the frame is starting to look pretty nice.

After the flowers were picked out and cut, my part was done. I wanted the "giver" to put on the flowers in the design she wanted to not interfere with the most important part of the project that you will see in a little bit. Since we are putting the flowers on the back side of the glass, I cut the designs in reverse and pointed out to put the flower on first, then the stems to ensure the layering looked right from the front.

And now the frame looks like this!

And now with the final piece completed, we have a very nice collage of pictures of the two little girls from babies to nearly 4 years of age!

I love how the project turned out and on how creative my friend is to come up with this project all by herself!

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