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Valentine's Day Subway Art Sign

It has been far too long since my last blog so I decided to design a "BIG" sign to make up for me past absenteeism.  I love doing Subway Art and wanted to incorporate that for Valentine's Day.  My goal was to create a 2 x 4 foot Subway Art Valentine Sign that will be displayed outside on our front porch!

This was truly a family project as my husband cut and painted the sign and then my 2 boys helped me place the vinyl onto the sign and also to keep the room free of garbage while working on our big project.  When finished my husband will seal the sign to protect it from the winter elements that I think nearly everyone is feeling right about now!

The pictures below show the sign with a fresh coat of red paint and then my design laid out in pieces!  This is when I wished I had a big industrial sign that would just do everything for me!

The next group of pictures shows my 2 boys helping by keeping the excess vinyl backings off of our project and even placing vinyl on the big red sign!  My 4 year old is very patient and can do the easy signs although I will line up everything for him.  The 2 year old also did a great job but is not quite as "careful" as I would like him to be!  : )  But they had a blast and so did I!

And now here are pictures of the sign in different phases of completion:

And finally the sign is Complete!

Once my husband seals the sign to protect it from the Winter Elements and hangs it outside on the front porch I will update the Blog with the final picture!