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Christmas Subway Art

In an earlier post I talked about the first ever Christmas Cookie Exchange Party I co-hosted. In that post, I needed to make some prizes for several contests we were having at the party. My first prize was a Christmas Subway Art picture frame that I designed. The supplies I needed was a large picture frame, blue poster board and white spray paint. I went to my local Goodwill store and found a picture frame for $3, the Dollar Store had a big sheet of light blue poster board for $0.50 and then my husband picked up a bottle of satin white spray paint at the hardware store. This is what I started with:

And this is my finished product!

Normally, when I vinyl picture frames, I cut the vinyl in "reverse" and then place the vinyl on the backside of the glass. This way you can easily clean the front of the glass and not worry about putting any cleaning spray on the vinyl. But, this time I placed the vinyl directly on the blue poster board. I really didn't notice much difference in the end result by doing this. My other reasoning behind this was that you could easily change out the poster board and add other subway art designs for other seasons. I could make a red subway art sign for Valentine's Day or 4th of July, etc... and can re-use the same frame.

Anyway, I found the original idea of the Christmas Subway Art on Etsy and the person was selling just the vinyl for $20. For under $5 I not only have the Subway Art vinyl but the entire frame by using a little spray paint, checking out Goodwill and the Dollar Store and using my Cricut!

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