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Children are One of Nature's Greatest Masterpieces

This was a fun project that I was asked to design by a very good friend of mine.  We actually met in college too many years ago and after many years living in separate states in different parts of the country eventually found ourselves living in the same town and even on the same street!  My son and her daughter are only a few months apart and are inseparable!

My friend has 2 small children and when each of the kids was 9 months old she had a portrait made of them on canvas.  Now that both canvases are finished we wanted to complete her big and very tall wall with the 2 canvases and a nice vinyl saying above it.  My friend came up with the saying "Children are One of Nature's Greatest Masterpieces" and through some trial and error we agreed on a design, the 2 different fonts and the colors.  The top 2 lines we used beige and then a dark navy for the bottom line.  Because the sign expands almost 5 feet wide and has 2 different colors we had several sheets of vinyl to line up but in the end, I think it turned out AWESOME!  Quinn is on the left and my son's best friend, Grace, is on the right!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight!

This isn't the first time I have created a sign with the saying "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" but this particular time gave me a few unexpected challenges.  This time my client was a teenager who wanted a simple sign with just the saying in a wavy line and in Burgundy to go over her full size bed.  I used the font "blackjack" that I found on the Internet and then designed the sign.

The sign looks simple but was difficult because there is no magic feature in my software that automatically creates a nice wavy line so I had to draw one.  Again, much simpler to describe then to actually do!  When the line was drawn, then I attached the words to the wavy line and stretched it across to 48 inches.  When satisfied with the sign, I then had to "unattach" the line from the words and I was done.  Except for the fact that I only had 36 inches of vinyl and my cutting machine only cuts up to 24 inches wide. 

This is where one's creativity really can play a role as I had to place different "markers" on my software to ensure I kept the curve and spacing in tact then I separated the words out, flipped some around, turned others and finally was able to fit 48 inches worth of a sign, onto 36 inches of vinyl and split it up on 2 separate sheets as my cutter can only go 24 inches wide.  You can see my markers below as these are the 2 sheets of vinyl I ultimately cut out with the "astericks" as my markers.

Finally I was satisfied and finished my sign!  ONLY to find out when I went to deliver my sign....that the teenager had a WATERBED!!!!  I had to try and now re-align everything onto the wall while dealing with standing on a waterbed....I haven't even seen a waterbed since I was in high school which was a LONG TIME AGO!!!!  Please don't think that I help put up EVERY sign I design either....this was a special circumstance!!!!  : )

In the end.....we were able to piece together the sign and the finished product is below!