Welcome to my Website! In addition to creating and selling my products, I love to try new ideas, many of which will be showcased in my blog found on the Home page! Check back often for new blogs and new items I will have for sale! Need something designed but do not see it in my catalog listed under the Vinyl Templates tab? I can custom design nearly anything, please contact me and we may be able to create a wonderful product based on your ideas! -- Cindy

Outdoor Halloween Sign

After creating an 18 x 18 Tile originally intended for my front porch but now afraid it would be too easy to have someone walk off with it - I needed to make a "BIG" Halloween Sign that can be attached over the railing on the front porch! 

I started with a 4 foot by 2 foot piece of wood and painted it orange and then went designing!  I based it off of the very popular Subway Art themes that I have seen on numerous other blogs and a few that I created myself.  I kept the main color as black but then added some white, grey and red vinyl for a more dramatic touch.  When finished we sealed it with modge podge and then added several coats of a urathane finish to provide a super glossy finish and will protect the sign from rain and the snow that will be arriving way too soon for me!

And here is the sign on our front porch! 


Wedding Tiles

The last few weeks has gone by so fast and I have not had any time to update my website!  I am currently working on a few custom orders for others and also a BIG project for myself for Halloween that should be completed this weekend with a new post and pictures to share with everyone!

In the meantime, I wanted to show a few 12 x 12 tiles I have designed for customers.  The tiles displayed below are with the brown indoor vinyl and then can either be displayed on a plate holder or attached on the wall with a special plate holder wall attachment which can be found at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc...  All of my 12 x 12 Wedding Tiles are $20 (plus shipping) and can be designed with different quotes or embellishments. 

The Marriage Tile below is actually sized for an 18 x 18 Tile.  I do not have a picture of the tile finished as the customer wanted only the vinyl and she would place the vinyl on the tile which also helps reduce the cost of shipping.  

I can create either a Marriage Tile in 12 x 12 or 18 x 18 size or can provide just the completed vinyl sign at a reduced cost.  If you are interested in either please contact me for specific costs and additional information!



Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater Wall Canvas

A few months ago we repainted my son's bedroom and installed a chair rail.  My son is a HUGE Disney Cars fanatic and still wanted to keep the same theme of Cars that has been in his room for 2 years so we kept a lot of the old decorations.  Even with a chair rail and new paint, the room needed more work, I wanted to spruce things up a bit and found a really neat idea when looking on Ebay.  A person had 1 big picture of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater together and made 2 canvases by splitting the picture in half.  I loved the idea but did not want to pay the $50 sticker price.  By pure luck I found the exact picture created on fabric at Hobby Lobby!!!!  My husband made the frame and we attached something similar to a backer board to provide support for the fabric and we created one BIG canvas.  It turned out awesome and cost probably $6 in materials and supplies!

The colors of the canvas is so bright that no one can tell it's actually fabric until they actually touch it!  I loved how this turned out!  To finish off this wall, I then added "Tow Mater" and "Lightning McQueen" in vinyl.

In another corner of the room, I added another vinyl saying, in addition to some Disney Cars wall stickers and a Stop Sign.

Here's a better close-up of the new vinyl sign I made:

I could post quite a few more pictures to show every angle of his room but I will end it with one last picture of the main wall you see when walking into the room.  The letters were originally white and now are painted the same blue that is on the bottom half of the room.  The rest of the decorations are the Disney Cars wall stickers.  This room was desperately needing a paint job among several other things, I am so glad we finally finished the room and loved how the new decorations turned out!

Subway Art - Church Canvas Signs

Just recently I had the opportunity to create some signs for the church that I grew up in.  Several groups came together to makeover the Sunday School rooms and the hallway.  Many volunteers spent several weeks cleaning out years worth of clutter, painting the rooms and adding new decorations. 

I was asked to design 3 vinyl wall signs and 2 Subway Art signs.  Pictured below are my 2 Subway Art Signs that went into the hallway leading to the Sunday School rooms.  I painted the canvases in a mustard color with black vinyl and then coated with a high gloss acrylic paint to seal the letters and to provide a glossy finish.  The first canvas is of the 10 Commandments designed for kids and the 2nd canvas describes the church in the kids' eyes.  The picture doesn't reflect the deep rich mustard color but still shows how the canvas was created.

I also designed the "Jonah and the Whale" sign pictured below.  Another person graciously painted the mural below my sign.

The next two vinyl signs I made for a second Sunday School room.  Another person also came in and did an awesome job painting the mural!

From what I hear the kids loved the new rooms and I was very glad to be able to help out in their "makeover"!


Subway Art - Outdoor Tile

I designed this tile awhile ago and just recently received a picture of it displayed outdoors.  I really like how the finished tile turned out so I thought I would share it.

I normally finish 12x12 tiles for indoor signs but was requested an 18x18 outdoor Welcome sign.  The person requested "welcome" and various other sayings in different languages to be randomly displayed on the tile in random fonts.  Having an 18x18 tile to work on gave me more room to play and I think it turned out quite well.  My finished product is below:


Subway Art - Halloween Tile

I have not been able to Blog as often as I want as I'm trying to put the finishing touches on this brand new website and also complete some vinyl signs for other people. 

In my spare time, I did test out a new idea and created a nice Halloween sign from an 18x18 tile.  I found some Halloween Orange Acrylic paint on sale at Hobby Lobby and used that for my main color.  I then based the idea off of some previous Subway Art signs I made and created a Halloween sign with words and pictures and even used different colors of vinyl. 

Originally I wanted this as an outside sign but am now afraid that maybe it would be too easy for someone to remove from my front porch so am displaying this for everyone to see once they walk into my front door!  Because this was going to be an outside sign I covered the finished tile with several coats of a clear water-based urathane to protect the vinyl from the outside elements and to provide a nice, glossy finish! 

(the witch's blue effect is from the camera flash)

I really liked how this Tile turned out!  And  because I still really want something for the outside I have a brand new idea for the front porch that I am hoping to try out very soon!  I have already bought some wood that is 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall and will be painting it and creating a much bigger Halloween Sign.  Check back soon and hopefully that project will be completed with pictures to share!