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Master Bedroom Vinyl Wall Art

This new year I have been dedicating as much free time as I can to decorate MY house!  Between customer orders, kids, the husband and everything else my walls continued to stay bare and boring but now at least my main bedroom wall has some life to it!  Since we moved into our house nearly 2 years ago this wall has been bare and boring and I didn't know what to do with it, just knew I need something to take up a lot of space and I did not want to buy an expensive wall painting or anything else.  This last weekend I figured out what saying to put on it, designed it and tonight I dressed up my boring wall....

Because my Cricut is limited to how big I can cut designs I had to piece my design onto the wall.  It wasn't too difficult to individually tape everything and measure everything out but it was getting old to constantly stand on my bed, climb down, bend over for the level or anything else that I needed.  In the end, I was very happy with my end result and the new life my wall now has!

Below is my final product from start to finish:

Vinyl is So Easy a 4 Year Old Can Do It!

My son requested his name in vinyl for his room and today we decided to make it a joint project.  I used Ravie Font and cut out his name to fit on the front of his car bed.  My son, Brady, picked out orange as the color (his favorite color) and helped put it on the bed.  I did tape the sign, center it and removed the backing but the rest was all my son! 

This project is just to show how easy signs can be placed on walls or other objects.  There are always some exceptions, like heavily textured walls can be tricky to get the vinyl to stick but a wood car bed frame is perfect for anyone, including a 4 year old to put a vinyl sign on!  Just a note - because there are 2 boys in his preschool class named Brady - my son goes by Brady M for everything!