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Cutting Board - Monogram

A few weeks ago my husband asked me for glass cutting boards for Christmas. It makes sense as I have made quite a few glass cutting boards for other people but yet we have really old cutting boards that are probably filled with bacteria as they have scratches and cuts all over them. So I figured, if he wants new cutting boards then I am going to decorate them with some vinyl.

And if my husband is reading this and it's BEFORE December 25th, please click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of this page as you are to stay off of this page until AFTER Christmas! :)

This project was much harder then I anticipated as I wanted to do something different. And since I haven't really worked much with arches and putting text on circles, I spent a considerable amount of time learning this task instead of just designing. The program I use isn't the easiest for doing this either which does not help at all. Then to make things more difficult I wanted to have two colors on the cutting board and trying to layer that was a little tedious. In the end, I was able to make things work and it was definitely worth any frustrations I may have experienced.

The picture below shows the design cut in two pieces based on color.

Notice I also had to cut the items "flipped" as I am putting the vinyl on the backside of a glass cutting board. I won't mention how many times I have forgot to do this important step and had to throw away a complete sign, typically after I weeded out all the excess vinyl before realizing the sign is actually backwards! Or I actually remember to flip the sign but then use "indoor" vinyl instead of "outdoor" vinyl. Indoor vinyl will not stand up to water and then I end up with ANOTHER sign to throw out as it's flipped and won't work for most other projects!

The next picture shows the red sign now layered on the black sign with transfer tape on. This step is hard as you have to line it up right the first time or you will start all over by cutting a brand new sign....there is no "redo" button!

Now the next picture shows the vinyl on the cutting board. It still looks backwards because we are looking at the cutting board from the underside of it. This is where I place the vinyl so you do not actually cut on it, it shows through the glass to the front.

And now when looking at the glass cutting board from the top of the board, we have the finished product!

I love the 2 different colors on the cutting board! Hopefully, my husband will like it too!

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