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Tumblers - Summer Time

We have had rain non-stop for several weeks now but today we finally see some SUNSHINE!  With this sunshine I'm going to pretend that Summer is finally here and will ignore the forecast for rain which may come in 2 more days.  So as I say that Summer is Finally Here...I have new Summer Theme Tumblers to share!  : )

I have made about a dozen Summer Time Tumblers that just contain random items and either "Life is good.", "Fun in the Sun" or "Don't Worry Be Happy" on them.  I have different pictures of a sun, palm tree, flowers, umbrella, purses, sunglasses, sandals, flowers, geckos, wine glasses, coffee cups, etc..  There are too many to list but these are super popular and super fun to make.  Below are 4 of the tumblers and the different sides of those tumblers.


Popcorn Bowl - Vinyl

This was a very simple project that I think made a huge difference to an otherwise, plain pink bowl!  My challenge was to find a suitable gift for a bridal shower with a time-based theme too it.  As my time of the day was 9 PM, I decided to give a microwave popcorn maker, a board game that was listed on their registry and then all of the goodies needed to make popcorn, including a bowl to eat it in.  Figuring that most nights I end up sitting on the couch with my husband, my own popcorn bowl from my own microwave popcorn maker and while watching a movie that the almost married couple may do the same thing from time to time.

I forgot to take a picture of the bowl before adding vinyl to it, but it is pretty simple to visualize, just a pink bowl without the words and popcorn images on it!  : )  I used outdoor vinyl for this project to better withstand the cleaning of the bowl.  The bowl itself cannot go into the dish washer and any regular hand dish washing is perfectly fine for this type of vinyl.

As you will notice I removed the 2 o's in the word "popcorn" and replaced it with a piece of popcorn.  And then I just placed different size pieces of popcorns in a relatively straight pattern going around the bowl.  Simple but made a huge difference to the overall look of the bowl. 

The picture above shows the kernels and seasonings I included with the bowl and also gives you a little better picture of the overall bowl.  I do kick myself as I should have purchased 2 bowls so I could make myself my very own customized popcorn bowl!  : )


Easter Eggs - Vinyl

It might be way past Easter but this may give people new ideas for decorating Easter Eggs for next year!  : )  With 2 young boys, painting eggs can be very messy and I did not need another repeat of the mess that came with the annual tradition of decorating eggs.  I had purchased an Egg Spinner on clearance after last year's Easter to help eliminate some of the mess.  But I still needed a way to add pictures or other decorations to the Easter Eggs.  This is where my Cricut came into play!

I found different images stored on my computer and by searching the Internet of Superheros, dinosaurs, skaters and also used the first letter of my boys' names.  Because my niece would also be helping out on this project I added some girly stuff too!  : ) 

The pictures below shows how much fun and how easy it was for the boys to put the vinyl on the stickers.  AND how easy it was to clean up a paint-free mess! 

The kids started out with placing the vinyl pictures onto the egg and then placing them into the egg spinner.  The picture above shows the finished eggs!  Not all of the eggs had pictures on it and not all had color on it, I let the kids decide on what colors, pictures and how the final egg would look like.  Everyone had a blast and I had virtually no clean up!


Sand Buckets - Vinyl

My oldest son turned 5 years old last month and I wanted to create a great party for him!  My son loves costumes and superheros so we decided to invite his friends with a request to have each one come wearing a costume.  Without going on and on, the party was a great success and we had 6 boys all dressed up as superheroes and I think they all had a blast!

When it was time to shop for party supplies and goody bags, I came across some sand buckets with shovels for $1 each.  Figuring Superhero party bags only cost slightly less then the sand buckets I decided to buy the buckets and use my Cricut to dress them up as Super Hero Party Bags!  We had 6 Superheroes to make party bags for so I searched the Internet to find some Superheroes that would work with the different colors of sand buckets I purchased.  I placed each kids' first name on the front of the bucket and then a superhero on the back of the bucket.  I used outdoor vinyl for this project. 

Below are 5 of the 6 buckets I made:
The Superheros consisted of the logos for Captain America and Batman and then the pictures are of Spiderman, Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.  I then found tons of goodies and a little bit of candy to fill up the sand buckets for the other Superheros to take home with them when the party was over.

In addition to the costume party, we had my family and some very good friends over on a separate day to celebrate my son's Birthday.  I also made 2 sandbuckets for those girls.  One girl loves horses while the other loves barbies so below are their sand buckets/party bags.


Personalized Tumblers

Tumblers have been very popular this Spring!  Tumblers are a nice change from vinyl signs and tiles and tend to allow one to be pretty creative to find just the right touches to personalize the tumblers for each customer's personalities and desires.  The 4 tumblers I'm showing today are for a 1st Grade Teacher as a special gift from her student and then for 3 kids ages 3, 5 and 7.

The tumbler below is for Kinsey, a 3 year old girl.  She chose the colors and the idea of butterflies and I took it from there.  The name is in pink vinyl and then I did pink and dark purple for the butterflies.

The second tumbler is for Kyle who is 5 years old and wanted a monster truck on his tumbler.   He chose Navy Blue for his name and Green for the monster truck.

   The third tumbler is for Meghan, the 7 year old girl.  She loves flowers and purple and pink.  Her tumbler is pictured below:

The last tumbler is for Mrs. George, the first grade teacher.  I completed her name in a light blue vinyl and then have a red apple just to the right of her name.  On the back of the tumbler is a book in dark blue and a pencil in copper.  

New Batch of Tiles

It's been awhile since I have made tiles but last week I had 4 new orders.  All of the tiles are 12 x 12 in size.  The first tile on the left says "Cherish yesterday - Dream Tomorrow - Live Today" in dark brown vinyl.  The tile on the right says "Count your Blessings one by one" on a black marble tile in beige vinyl.

The last two vinyl tiles are below.  The first tile says "Enjoy the Simple Things" in a dark brown vinyl.  The tile on the right says "Dull Women have Immaculate HOMES" in dark brown vinyl.  The picture of the house is in a dark green vinyl.