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Custom Super Hero Canvases

This is a personal project I have been working on for my 5 year old boy who is in love with Superheros!  For the past 3 years his room was decorated with Disney Cars and as part of that decoration, my husband built a big frame and we wrapped it with a panel of fabric that was of Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen.  This simple and very inexpensive project was my FAVORITE piece of the entire room.  So I was a little sad on having to transition his room into Superheros and thus losing this custom piece until I realized that I can easily change it by re-wrapping it into a Superhero canvas! 

The only reason we had to redecorate my son's room is because he outgrew his twin size bed and we upgraded to a full-size bed.  So when shopping for a new bedspread my son had to have 6 different Superheros on it!  And believe me...finding a bedspread with Incredible Hulk, the Thing, Wolverine, Captain Amercia, Spiderman and several others on it was almost impossible.  However, Bed Bath & Beyond was my hero and literally the day I found this bedspread with bedsheets and extra pillow cases/shams, I received a 20% coupon in my inbox!   Perfect timing! 

Now I'm back to redecorating his room and wanting to fill it with as many unique and custom Superhero pieces as possible.  I still plan on buying a few wall stickers of the Superheros; however, for now I am working on many different projects to provide a personalized room that fits my son and will last for many years.  Back to that custom piece my husband helped me with in the Disney Cars room...well this is what the piece looked like:

I purchased a panel of fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale for under $5 and my husband built the frame.  We then attached poster board on the front of the frame for added support.  For under $10 we had a huge piece of art that was so vibrant and sharp looking!  The picture does not do it justice.  Now, all of the Cars stickers are gone and a new, bigger bed is in the room so we need to redecorate.  I went searching for new Superhero panels of fabric that would work and found several on Ebay.  We decided to use Batman since that was one of the Superheros not included on the bedspread and we now have this new piece of art!

As you can tell, we rotated the canvas for Batman and it looks super sharp!  The problem is that we really now need 2 pieces of art at this size because of where we had to hang Batman.  So back to Ebay I went and I found Spiderman!  But now I need to ask my husband to build another frame.....except for I came up with an even better idea!  Instead of building one...I decided to go to Home Depot and buy a 4 x 8 foot piece of 1 1/2 inch thick sheet of stryofoam.  This cost about $14 and I had the guy cut it to the exact dimensions of Batman for free!  I did not waste the rest of the styrofoam as that is for a different project that I will post soon. 

Now with this super light-weight piece of styrofoam I wrapped Spiderman around it and secured it with t-pins.  So the back of the artwork looks like this:

To hang the stryofoam I found a product from Walmart called Command by 3M.  It is like velcro but will not damage your walls when you remove and was super easy and cheap to use.  Just place one piece on the canvas and the adjacent piece on the wall, just like how velcro would work.  And Spiderman next to Batman looks like this:

You cannot even tell that one is framed out of wood and the other is stryofoam...unless if you lifted them as the weight difference is significant!  And here are the 2 pieces of art in my son's room on the opposite wall from where the Disney Cars sign used to hang.  I still need to put something under my son's name but I wanted to show how it looked on the wall. 

I apologize for such a long post but this is so cheap and easy to do and the finished project really stands out in a room.  I have found that the easiest way to search for something and to find items that you would not find in your local store is to search for "panel fabric" plus whatever specific theme you are looking for as both Batman and Spiderman come in the exact same size, as well as the Disney Cars one I had previously made. 

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