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Skateboarder - Vinyled

I must say, I was so looking forward to school starting so I would have more time to work on my projects and now.....I have not had a single post in a MONTH!  Since school has started, life has become a BLUR!!!  I have one boy in Kindergarten which is 5 full days a week and my other boy is in preschool, 2 mornings a week so I feel like I'm either dropping kids off or picking them up all of the time!  I have 3 hours twice a week to just myself and I have been able to do tons of shopping for my projects that I could never do with my kids so I have achieved part of my goal...now I must focus on posting, posting, posting!!!! 

This post is a special dedication to one of my favorite friends, Ali, who used to live in the same town as me.  In fact, her daughter was in my son's preschool class and that's how we originally met!  Well, the first time we formally met was when my vehicle was stuck in the snow in the school parking area and she helped to push me out!  : )  But that's another story for another time!  Anyway, due to job changes, they moved back to Michigan where they originally lived, it has not been long since they left but it feels like forever.  When they did live by us, I had made a vinyl sign of a skateboarder with a quote by Tony Hawk for her son's bedroom. 

And here is the sign on the wall above her son's bed!

When the family was moving to Michigan, Ali asked me to make another sign of the skateboarder for her son's room in their new house.  This time, she came up with a fantastic idea that made the sign 1,000 times better for just a few dollars.  This is the sign in the new bedroom in Michigan!

I had to ask how she created this and the idea is so SIMPLE!  Ali painted the wall white, a big square of white right on the wall.  Then her husband made the frame by using floor trim and they just attached it to the wall.  Then Ali transferred the skateboarder on the wall, just like normal but now it looks like a very expensive, custom art piece!  This idea is so inexpensive and easy and worth a million bucks that I'm stealing it for my house!  The only other difference of the two bedrooms is the bedspread color has changed but what a difference a little bit of paint and a home-made frame makes! 

And how SAD is this???  I haven't posted in a month....and my first posting is of my friend's AWESOME idea!!!!  I have some projects completed to post and they will be up very shortly, I just need to take some pictures first.  The next post will be my own project I promise! 


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