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NY Cityscape Vinyled - Superhero Room cont.

My son's Superhero room is still a work in progress. The major stuff is done now it's time to add little things throughout the room. This blog is a simple project that made a big difference to one wall of my son's room.

I found online different cityscapes and decided on New York city since I know at least a few of the superheros protected that city in their prime. I wanted to make the cityscape as big as possible, which meant I had to piece the sign together. I have the height as 11.5 and then the width is 63 inches wide. I could have gone wider but then I would also need to piece together the vertical parts of the puzzle too since I'm past the height of my Cricut mat. With the current width of 63 inches I had two cuts in my one-piece city-scape that I had to line up on the wall just perfectly to make it appear seamless. Because I lined it up directly above the chair rail and having the vinyl all black, it was relatively easy to ensure everything lined up perfectly!

Here is a before picture of my son's room without the cityscape.

And now a couple pictures of the newly added cityscape!

You may notice that I have new blue cubbies underneath the cityscape. That came from my youngest son's room. And the garbage can is new! That is going to be my son's new laundry basket. I haven't decided if I want to paint it or not as I have seen some cool looking painted garbage cans converted into laundry baskets. And by the way...the lid is my son's favorite piece of the entire room as it's also a SHIELD! I also have new green and blue baskets. I purchased those from JoAnn's Fabrics a few months ago at 75% off, the total cost of 5 baskets was under $10! More pictures to follow on this room very soon!

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