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Graffiti or Custom Art???

I typically do not blog only on my son's room but that has been my main focus this last month! I know this will be my only chance for the next few years as it's only once that your boy outgrows a twin size bed and moves up into a full size bed. It would have been so much easier to just purchase full size Disney Cars bedding to match his room decor but instead we have completely taken out everything associated with cars and switched over to Superheros.

Nearly every blog this month has been on Superheros so what is one more??? Well, you will still get a few more but this is a nice, short and sweet blog on graffiti. In previous posts I cut out different Superhero logos out of styrofoam, painted them and then framed them onto the wall. While doing this one of my scrap stryofoam pieces was the Batman logo.

The piece wasn't perfect enough to just hang on the wall so I decided to temporary place it on the wall, just long enough for my husband to take a can of spray paint and over spray the Batman logo. We then removed the stryofoam piece from the wall and now have this!

I then went to my loyal Cricut and cut out a bright yellow vinyl sign that simply just said "Batman" to place in the middle of the graffiti. And now I'm hoping this "graffiti" can now be called "art"! :)

Oh...and I have to mention...when we showed my son the new "sign" the very thing he notices is the sign just to the right of the door of this!

I had also cut that out earlier in the day...so he doesn't notice a 2 foot wide spray painted sign of Batman but a 6 inch wide, little tiny sign of "POW"... Once my son did finally notice the Batman he did love it!

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  1. I love this! You are giving me some great ideas, Cindy!!