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Custom Batman Sign

This project proved to be a little more time consuming then I expected but I love the end result!  If you have read my previous posts this last month you can probably guess I'm still decorating my son's Superhero room.  I found this idea to make Superhero logos from the blog, All Things Thrifty, specifically this post.  I used the same 3 logos from the blog and the same dimensions.  However, I did not have a scroll saw, projector and some of the other necessary tools to complete a project of this magnitude.  That is, until I discovered the many uses of stryofoam!  I think by the time I have finished my son's room he will have more stryofoam then anything else and no one will even know it!

Because I did not have a projector, I cut out the logos in vinyl with my cricut.  This was also not as easy as it sounds because my cricut is limited to sizes of 12 x 24 inches but my logos were more like 24 x 28 inches in size.  So I had to piece together the logos onto the stryofoam and then I used a specialized stryofoam knife to cut out the logo.  The knife is plugged in and heated to a very high temperature and smells horribly when cutting; however, it cuts the stryofoam like butter!  Super easy!  Just have to take it slow and follow the lines!

The picture below shows the vinyl pieced together of the Batman logo that I want to cut.  I want to keep the section in white and cut out the black.

And the picture below shows the stryrofoam cut out!

 By following the post on "All Things Thrifty", I cut the piece a bright yellow!  This is where my trouble starts.  With stryofoam you need to have very specific paint or it will eat away the stryofoam.  The same holds true for glue!  Most craft or acrylic paint will work, it's best to brush it on and not use spray paint (which would have been much easier) but it's best to read the bottle to ensure the paint will work.  Here is my new yellow Batman logo!

 The next step was to pin and then glue black felt behind the yellow piece and then attach everything to a black painted board (in my case stryofoam).  The next picture shows everything glued together!

And here is the sign above my son's bed!

Because, the sign is made out of stryofoam the edges are not as smooth and finished as I would like.  I love the look but up close, it is rough looking.  So I had my husband use extra floor trim that we had and frame the entire sign.  Before he did that, my husband painted the trim a semi-gloss black.  And this is the finished look!

I think the frame just makes the entire sign stand out!  AND I have finished the Superman and Captain America signs as well!  My husband framed and painted and put them all on my son's wall.  Sometimes I am really happy to have a rained out weekend as my son's room went from nearly all bare walls to an almost finished Superhero room in less then 24 hours.  I will post the other 2 signs and an updated picture of the entire room very soon!

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  1. Love these! I never thought to use Styrofoam!!