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Custom Vinyl Plaque & Other Vinyl Sayings

A good friend of mine that I still keep in contact with even though we now live many states away and have not worked together for over 7 years now had several requests for vinyl sayings. She is so good at finding bargains and turning old, out-dated items into new, one of a kind, awesome art pieces. I wish I had her eye and imagination to do the same for in my house!

One of the requests my friend had was to make a square sign that said "YOU CAME ALL THIS WAY MIGHT AS WELL COME IN" in brown vinyl. I made the sign where each line was a different size but all the same font and a perfect rectangle. My friend found an old plaque that was literally covered with pilgrims, sanded it down, painted it and roughed it up to provide an antique finish. When all done, my vinyl saying was applied and this is the final product!

I love how the sign turned out!

My friend also needed in brown vinyl, a saying of her last name "Ayala" and another that said "Once Upon a Time...". She used these sayings to complement a gorgeous wall filled with family pictures and other pieces of art.

Like I said...I wish I had her imagination and eye for decoration!

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  1. <> I am too proud! lol...
    I love that you are into all this, too! And I am so thankful you do vinyl. Those words make a HUGE difference. I can't wait to share the finished wall (when it's finally finished, of course!) =)