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Custom Photo Canvas - Sneak Peak

A new project for my son's Super Hero Room is almost complete!  In previous posts I have shared the window valance we made out of stryofoam and 2 custom fabric canvases all in the Super Hero theme.  For this project, I found the idea from the blog, Tales From the Crib, specifically this post

For this project I used many of the same supplies as listed in the Tales from the Crib blog but not all of them.  I already had 1 1/2 inch stryofoam on hand as I had used this to create one of the big super hero fabric canvases in a previous post.  I also used black fabric, various crafting pins, a t-shirt, stapler, adhesive glue spray and tacky glue.  Because my prints were different sizes I ordered the photos from Ezprints.com.  I decided on 10 prints ranging in size from 4x5, 4x8, 12x12 and 12x18.  I graphed out how I wanted the pictures to be displayed on the wall and determined the entire size will be 40 inches wide by 32 inches tall.  When finished I am going to make a vinyl sign above the canvases.  

Just like the Tales from the Crib blog, the hardest part of my project was deciding on what photos to use and what sizes would work.  I wanted pictures of my son with his friends and his brother but it is difficult to find ones that will work in black and white.  I found that outdoor pictures or ones against plain backgrounds worked the best which meant that I couldn't include all of my son's friends but should be able to interchange the pictures out as he matures.

Once I had the stryofoam cut to the specific sizes I needed, I doubled layered the fabric to ensure no white showed through from the stryofoam and then secured it with different pins on the backside.  Then I went back and stapled the fabric to ensure the fabric stayed nice and tight.  Here is what the back of the canvas looked like:

Then on the front of the canvas, I sprayed Elmer's Craft Bond which is a multi-purpose spray adhesive.  Once sprayed, I placed the picture over it.  The picture secures very well so you have to be very careful when lining the picture on top of the canvas.  If you do mess up, it is possible to remove the picture and start over.  Once the picture is aligned I took a t-shirt and just pressed the picture into the canvas ensuring that it's nice and flat.

And here is a sneak preview of my 10 canvases!  Notice that 4 of the pictures the boys are in Super Hero costumes!

This project was so simple and very inexpensive!  I paid $35 for the pictures, the stryofoam I already had but would have been about $5 or so based on it being a 1/3rd of a big sheet of stryofoam which costs $15.  The fabric was $7 and all other supplies I had on hand.  I will post an updated picture when it's on the wall with a brand new vinyl sign above it but wanted to show a sneak peak of my almost complete project!   

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  1. This I am definitely doing. Thanks for the tutorial!