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Ceramic Pig Vinyled

I have seen pictures of ceramic pigs decorated in tu-tus, baseball caps and other themes and always wanted to decorate a pig myself.  I planted this idea as a baby gift to one of my good friends a few months back as I had no need for a decorated pig in my house.  And just a few days ago my friend shows up at the door with a big, white ceramic pig and tells me to decorate it!  And she needs it quickly!  : )

In the end, this was a fun project but it started out poorly!  The baby girl's name is "Elliana" and we chose to put her name over the monogram "E" on the 2 sides of the pig.  Let's just say I learned about every possible thing "NOT" to do on the first side but after numerous failed attempts I figured out how to align up the "E" and layer the name while keeping everything straight.  It's the curvature of the pig that makes everything difficult!  So when I went to put the name on the second side, it took just a few minutes to line everything up and in just one try! 

After the names were in place I cut out butterflies and flowers in different sizes and colors and small squiggly lines.  My friend found out what colors the baby's room was and we chose matching colors from that.  The orange bow on the top of the pig also comes from the colors of the baby's room.  When all of the smaller embellishments were cut I chose to have my friend help me put the decorations on the pig.  This turned out to be a very fun project as she chose the placements of the vinyl and put nearly all of it on the pig.  In the end, I loved how this pig turned out!  Meet Elliana's New Pig!

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