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Back To School Time

These 2 projects were very simple but something that I wanted to do for my oldest boy who is starting Kindergarten TOMORROW!  This is a new adventure for the whole family starting with Back To School Supplies to buy, clothes shopping, packing lunches and not having my boy for 5 full school days every week!

When looking at the required school supply list, every item required the students' names on them in permanent ink.  I'm fine with doing that for the boxes of crayons, glue sticks, etc... but when it came to my son's pencil box and water bottle I wanted to make it a little more special for him.  Again, just a very simple project but by just adding his name in vinyl instead of permanent ink I think the items look much nicer!  And...even though there is only "one" Brady in his Kindergarten class, my son still insists on being called "Brady M" which was his name in preschool since that class did have more then one Brady in it!  He is very adamant of this name as we even have had to put that on his Birthday cake, cards, signs for his bedroom, etc...

Below is Brady's new water bottle which I added a couple baseballs to it and the bottom his pencil box.

And finally here is Brady checking out his new desk at the School Open House just a few days before school starts.

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