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Enjoy the Simple Things...

Let's just say this tile was anything BUT simple!  I have made this design in one color on a 12 x 12 tile and I don't remember any headaches with that one.  When shrinking down the design and placing it on an 8 x 8 tile, I ran into all kinds of problems!  The fonts were too skinny on just a few of the letters so some of the letters would be literally cut off.  Then I changed the width of the problem words but, again, the letters are cut off....I tried changing fonts but couldn't find any fonts that I liked.  In the end, it finally worked but I did waste a ton of vinyl in the process!  And I also secured the letters with a layer of modge  podge just to ensure nothing would be accidentally rubbed off as I was not going to do this sign on this size of a tile EVER AGAIN!  : )

I do like how the 2 different colors (burgundy and black) worked on this brownish/reddish tile.  It will be placed in a kitchen on a black marble counter top and the kitchen itself also has red accents throughout.  I hope they like the color choices anyway or, if not, they will have to be "ok" with a bigger tile for the sign!  Realistically looking at the sign you wouldn't expect too many problems but it was just one of those tiles that you just make once! 

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