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Popcorn Bowl - Vinyl

This was a very simple project that I think made a huge difference to an otherwise, plain pink bowl!  My challenge was to find a suitable gift for a bridal shower with a time-based theme too it.  As my time of the day was 9 PM, I decided to give a microwave popcorn maker, a board game that was listed on their registry and then all of the goodies needed to make popcorn, including a bowl to eat it in.  Figuring that most nights I end up sitting on the couch with my husband, my own popcorn bowl from my own microwave popcorn maker and while watching a movie that the almost married couple may do the same thing from time to time.

I forgot to take a picture of the bowl before adding vinyl to it, but it is pretty simple to visualize, just a pink bowl without the words and popcorn images on it!  : )  I used outdoor vinyl for this project to better withstand the cleaning of the bowl.  The bowl itself cannot go into the dish washer and any regular hand dish washing is perfectly fine for this type of vinyl.

As you will notice I removed the 2 o's in the word "popcorn" and replaced it with a piece of popcorn.  And then I just placed different size pieces of popcorns in a relatively straight pattern going around the bowl.  Simple but made a huge difference to the overall look of the bowl. 

The picture above shows the kernels and seasonings I included with the bowl and also gives you a little better picture of the overall bowl.  I do kick myself as I should have purchased 2 bowls so I could make myself my very own customized popcorn bowl!  : )


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