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Easter Eggs - Vinyl

It might be way past Easter but this may give people new ideas for decorating Easter Eggs for next year!  : )  With 2 young boys, painting eggs can be very messy and I did not need another repeat of the mess that came with the annual tradition of decorating eggs.  I had purchased an Egg Spinner on clearance after last year's Easter to help eliminate some of the mess.  But I still needed a way to add pictures or other decorations to the Easter Eggs.  This is where my Cricut came into play!

I found different images stored on my computer and by searching the Internet of Superheros, dinosaurs, skaters and also used the first letter of my boys' names.  Because my niece would also be helping out on this project I added some girly stuff too!  : ) 

The pictures below shows how much fun and how easy it was for the boys to put the vinyl on the stickers.  AND how easy it was to clean up a paint-free mess! 

The kids started out with placing the vinyl pictures onto the egg and then placing them into the egg spinner.  The picture above shows the finished eggs!  Not all of the eggs had pictures on it and not all had color on it, I let the kids decide on what colors, pictures and how the final egg would look like.  Everyone had a blast and I had virtually no clean up!


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