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Personalized Tumblers

Tumblers have been very popular this Spring!  Tumblers are a nice change from vinyl signs and tiles and tend to allow one to be pretty creative to find just the right touches to personalize the tumblers for each customer's personalities and desires.  The 4 tumblers I'm showing today are for a 1st Grade Teacher as a special gift from her student and then for 3 kids ages 3, 5 and 7.

The tumbler below is for Kinsey, a 3 year old girl.  She chose the colors and the idea of butterflies and I took it from there.  The name is in pink vinyl and then I did pink and dark purple for the butterflies.

The second tumbler is for Kyle who is 5 years old and wanted a monster truck on his tumbler.   He chose Navy Blue for his name and Green for the monster truck.

   The third tumbler is for Meghan, the 7 year old girl.  She loves flowers and purple and pink.  Her tumbler is pictured below:

The last tumbler is for Mrs. George, the first grade teacher.  I completed her name in a light blue vinyl and then have a red apple just to the right of her name.  On the back of the tumbler is a book in dark blue and a pencil in copper.  

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