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Subway Art - Halloween Tile

I have not been able to Blog as often as I want as I'm trying to put the finishing touches on this brand new website and also complete some vinyl signs for other people. 

In my spare time, I did test out a new idea and created a nice Halloween sign from an 18x18 tile.  I found some Halloween Orange Acrylic paint on sale at Hobby Lobby and used that for my main color.  I then based the idea off of some previous Subway Art signs I made and created a Halloween sign with words and pictures and even used different colors of vinyl. 

Originally I wanted this as an outside sign but am now afraid that maybe it would be too easy for someone to remove from my front porch so am displaying this for everyone to see once they walk into my front door!  Because this was going to be an outside sign I covered the finished tile with several coats of a clear water-based urathane to protect the vinyl from the outside elements and to provide a nice, glossy finish! 

(the witch's blue effect is from the camera flash)

I really liked how this Tile turned out!  And  because I still really want something for the outside I have a brand new idea for the front porch that I am hoping to try out very soon!  I have already bought some wood that is 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall and will be painting it and creating a much bigger Halloween Sign.  Check back soon and hopefully that project will be completed with pictures to share!



  1. I have looked at a lot of fall/halloween subway art, and I must say I love yours. Have you developed a PDF or Word doc. of it? Do you sell it?

  2. Thanks! I do not have this available in a PDF or a Word doc but can definitely sell the design. You can send me an email at cmmiller99@gmail.com for more information on it or any other questions you may have! Cindy

  3. I made a wedding tile. Indoor use and black vinyl on a white and grey marble, but not marble, looking glossy tile. I want to know what you think the best way to seal it without loosing the shine of the tile. I don't really like how modge podge leaves sort of streak marks on other things I have done. Please advise. I am so glad that I found your site on CE. My tile is posted there. Thanks love your work. gj1

  4. I almost never seal my indoor tiles so that I don't lose any of the individual shine of each tile. If the vinyl lettering is super thin and does not seem to adhere the way I want it too...then I will use Modge Podge which does give some "streak marks". Some people like that but others do not. I do know that some people offer a sealant which do a glossy finish but without the streak marks, they sprayed it on...not sure of the brand but I'm sure Walmart or any craft store would have it. The only reason I used the clear water-based urathane on this tile is because I intended for it to be outside in the cold and snow. I hope this helps, I have made hundreds of indoor tiles and only used modge podge to seal it on maybe a half dozen tiles otherwise I just put the vinyl on and leave it as is.