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Family Eye Chart

I purchased a really nice and big picture frame on clearance for $2 about six months ago from Michaels. It has been collecting dust this entire time but I knew that once I came up with the right idea, the picture frame will be perfect! Long story short, while trying to finish decorating my bathroom I realized the really long metal art piece in the living room turned sideways would look perfect in the bathroom. So the bathroom is done and now I finally found a place for my $2 picture frame. I just need to vinyl it. : )

So this is how my project started:

The picture frame is $2, the matte board I bought with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby making it $4.80. The rest of the materials is supplies I already have in my house. After several nights of designing the sign on my computer and then cutting, weeding the vinyl out, I have my finished eye chart.

I used dark blue vinyl to finish the sign. I could have used black but I thought this color would give it a little better look then just black and white. I also based my design off of a personalized eye chart I found on Red Envelope. I took that concept and related it to our family. I finished the chart by describing personal highlights of each member of the family. I loved how it turned out! And really love how my project cost less then $7 which is considerably cheaper then the eye chart on Red Envelope's website and it is created based solely on my family's "story".

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