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Welcome All Superheroes - Vinyl

It's been a few weeks since I have written any updates on my son's Superhero room. Needless to say, I am very, very close to finishing and am hoping by tomorrow night the room will finally be complete. I have been struggling on how to completely, complete the room. I had many "ok" ideas but nothing that just felt right.

I finally came up with a sign for the very short wall that everyone sees as soon as they walk into the room. I found the image online and was able to cut it with my Cricut. This is my first attempt at triple layering an image. Here are a few pictures of how I had to cut each color and then layer them one by one so that all three layers are together prior to putting it on the wall.

And then I needed a "welcome" message for my son's room that went along with the Superhero sign. For those that do not know (I was one of them), the sign is a picture of Robin and Batman, I thought it was just generic superheroes but my 5 year old instantly corrected me on my mistake. Below is the finished product!

Hopefully, tomorrow night I will have an updated blog showing off the finished room with tons of pictures!

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